Foot Care

Fit feet – Steps to healthy foot care

Why is foot care so important when you have diabetes?

When living with diabetes, it is important to have good blood glucose control. Having too much glucose in the blood can eventually lead to many problems, including foot problems. Foot problems are common in people with diabetes and can lead to a serious condition known as neuropathy, damage to the nerves.

When the nerves are not functioning properly, people with neuropathy are less likely to feel a pebble inside their sock, a blister on their foot, or other foot injuries. Foot problems can also occur from wearing ill-fitting shoes, stepping on sharp objects, or even normal everyday activities.

Someone taking care of feet Diabetes can also affect the amount of blood flow in the legs and the feet, known as peripheral vascular disease. Numbness and low blood flow in the feet can also lead to problems. When foot injuries are left unnoticed and untreated, even if they are small foot injuries, they can quickly become infected. This can lead to a medical condition known as ulcers.

Walking with foot ulcers and not properly treating the injury will prevent healing. This puts you at risk for developing gangrene, the death or decay of body tissues, which may lead to amputations.

Daily foot care will help you to prevent these problems.

Someone taking care of feet