GET TO THE HEART OF IT: Managing Blood Pressure, Cholesterol and Diabetes

My healthy habits checklist

Click the box that best describes your habits.

  Yes No Not Sure
I limit the alcohol I drink to what is best for me.
I take my blood pressure medication my doctor prescribed.
I am taking my cholesterol medication as my doctor prescribed.
I have healthy eating habits such as choosing low-fat foods and avoiding saturated and trans fat
I limit cholesterol-containing foods such as egg yolks, liver, and shrimp.
I make high-fibre choices (such as eating whole grain breads, cereals, lentils, and dried beans)
I eat enough vegetable and fruit servings every day by following the Eating Well with Canada’s Food Guide.
I am physically active by exercising 150 minutes each week.
I manage stress in a healthy way.
I am a non-smoker.